About Us

For as long as there have been species, there have been feces. For as long as there has been mass civilization, there has been mass defecation.

In modern society man’s constant need to expel ever greater quantities of fecal matter has been met with great advances in standards of flushing toilet. Despite our many practical and material efforts to alleviate both foul smell and rectal discomfort, however, the fight for a successful bowel movement remains a rather toilsome task; a true test of human endurance.

The Way of the Lavatory is a journey to expel waste which each and every man must, quite necessarily, embark upon alone. Only by virtue of reaching the water closet can man achieve a higher level of intellectual insight, entering into that self-reflective realm of deep contemplation. Safe in the resigned solitude of the bathroom cubicle we secretly exercise those two cherished Rights which we hold most dear: one to Free Stool, the other to Free Speech.

A Shite to Free Speech is a site dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the many great philosophical musings of defecating man, as the poetry of our times.

We welcome and value all submissions, even the shite ones.